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12/18 Exchange Newswire

CME bitcoin futures was launched yesterday. CME contracts will be derived from prices on four exchanges, while CBOE contracts is tied to just one, Gemini.

CME : Kraken, which to contributes Bitcoin prices to the benchmark used in CME Bitcoin futures, plans to upgrade its systems after admitting “degraded and unreliable performance.”

CME launched black sea wheat futures

CME Clearing have and Citi will team up with Baton Systems to implement a blockchain-based platform designed to reduce costs of back-office functions.

ICE : NYSE raised $31.3b in proceeds from 88 transactions in 2017, 1.7 times the capital raised as the next largest exchange. The NYSE also listed each of the last 32 IPOs raising $700m or more.

LSE ’s ELITE and SZSE’s SSIC signed an MoU to launch business support & capital raising programme in China.

LSE had the 100th company flotation of 2017 this week, the highest in three years.

Bloomberg has added three new cryptocurrencies – ethereum (ether), Ripple (XRP) and litecoin – alongside bitcoin on its Terminal service.