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03/23 Exchange Newswire

LSE : LCH CEO Daniel Maguire said "in 2018, we are aiming to offer clearing for as many euro-denominated debt repo products in Paris, as in London," according to Reuters. "Clearing in euro-denominated repos and debt is currently split equally between London and Paris but we anticipate gradual momentum of these products into LCH SA over time. This is about offering a choice to customers, rather than forcing a change.” Maguire said.

LSE ’s ELITE Club Deal, the private placement platform for ELITE companies and professional investors, completed its first equity transaction. eToro, secured $100m of additional investment. The investment was led by China Minsheng Financial and participated in by SBI Group, Korea Investment Partners, World Wide Investment Company Limited and other investors.

TMX : the Shorcan Digital Currency Network entered into an agreement with Paycase Financial to launch a new cryptocurrency brokerage service focused on Bitcoin and Ether. BMO will provide Shorcan DCN with banking services as part of the payment and settlement infrastructure.

B3SA3 : B3 reaffirm new ticker from 26-Mar, B3SA3, replacing BVMF3.

B3SA3 : the Socio-Environmental Stock Exchange (BVSA) announced the 20 social projects that will compose its portfolio in 2018. The initiative undertaken by B3 Social Investment also marked the closing of the 20 listed projects in 2017 with funding of over R$1m.

CBOE DataShop has added Wall Street Horizon’s corporate event data to its range of offerings, arming customers with a more robust data offering and the tools to better leverage corporate event intelligence.

ENX endorsed the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendations and committed to further support transparency on climate-related risks and opportunities on financial markets.

MOEX will introduce a new Free Float Methodology on 2-Apr. The update is to detail the approach to evaluation of blocks of securities owned by different categories of investors including insurance companies, sovereign funds and private equity funds.

Vienna SE added Danish stocks to its quotation list on the 'global market', the segment for investors of international stocks.

Philippine SE (PSE) CEO, Ramon Monzo, said PSE is prepared to continue "business as usual" if PDS Group deals fails, as Land Bank of the Philippines made a counter offer to buy PDS Group. Reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

Liquidnet added Best Ex Replay new feature to the Liquidnet Virtual High Touch suite. Best Ex Replay enables traders to recall precise market conditions to explain execution decisions, investigate orders, help firms meet regulatory reporting requirements and provide detailed execution feedback to Portfolio Managers.

CFTC director of public affairs Erica Elliott Richardson said the Commission is "absolutely astounded by the decrease in the CFTC’s budget,”. The CFTC would receive $249m in a recently released government funding bill,  $1m less than the CFTC’s current budget. “Chairman Giancarlo takes this budget decrease incredibly personally, and is currently meeting with our finance team to figure out a path forward for the agency,” Erica Elliot Richardson said. Reported by Reuters.

Basel Committee plans to revise rules determining capital requirements covering banks’ trading operations, according to Reuters. Changes aim at making it easier for banks to apply the rules when they come into effect in January 2022.

SEBI is exploring measures on algo trading to improve market quality, market integrity and fairness in algo trading and co-location, according to the Economic Times. SEBI may require exchanges to offer shared co-location facilities to reduce costs for small brokers and provide a tick-by-tick data feed service for free. Algo orders placed within 0.75% on either side of the last traded price may be exempted from the framework for imposing penalty for high order-to-trade ratio. Exchanges may be also asked to assign a unique ID to each algo and publish details regarding latency.